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Home Ed – One Month In

I wrote a post a couple of moths ago about our thoughts around school and home education. Reader, I'm happy to say that we did it. In December we requested that Wilf was taken off the school register and notified our local authority that from January we would be electively…

I feel a blog coming on…

I've not written on here yet, and to be very honest, today I realised I'd not even read everything Stuart has so carefully taken the time to write (sorry Stu). The truth is, I find writing a challenge (for multiple reasons) and also reading too, hence the lack of writing…

Thinking About School

I feel a slight left turn coming. Both on this blog and in our family life... The last two or three months, we've been increasingly interested in the idea of home educating our kids. And right now, we've pretty much decided that we're going to take Wilf out of school…