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I (sort of) Accidentally Sold our Car

At the end of January, based on not much, my partner and I started discussing the idea of going car free. We’ve got six year old twins, live in a small, hilly town, with rubbish walking and cycling infrastructure. We have elderly relatives which we can kind of only visit…

If Not a Car, Then What?

We have decided to go car free. We’re a family of four. Two adults, two 6 year old kids (twins). We’re doing this because we want to lessen our carbon impact on the world and also because cars kind of suck. We live in a small town in the UK…

Going Car Free as a Family

For many people, the pandemic has provided an unexpected opportunity to pause and reflect. For my family, that has meant taking time to assess what is important to us, and trying to work out how to align our lives more closely with those things. One thing we have decided to…